Telemetry, V/UHF Radion, EO/IR/Laser, MTAS Target System For your successful missions with SM ENGINEERING CORP.


Meggitt Training Systems

World supplier of a complete Target Package for
high‐quality weapon simulation and
training programs
Company info
Meggitt Training Systems

Meggitt Training Systems is a key element of the Meggitt Defense Systems business unit, which designs, develops, and manufactures integrated virtual and live fire training capabilities; free-flying, towed and glide aerial targets; unmanned vehicles; electronic scoring; medium and large caliber linear linkless and compact autoloading ammunition handling systems; environmental control systems; pods; countermeasure systems; and ruggedized fiber optic cable.

  • Sea : Unmanned High Speed Boat Target, Barracuda
  • Sea : Unmanned High Speed Boat Target, Hammerhead
  • Universal Target Control Station
  • Scanning Projectile Impact Evaluation System
  • Sea Towed target, HSITT