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Park Air Systems

Special world supplier of
Advanced Air Traffic Control Systems
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Park Air Systems

Park Air Systems has been specialized in providing leading-edge systems for aviation and transport applications. Park Air Systems, a multi-national operation with facilities in Europe, USA and Asia, dedicates itself completely to developing and implementing advanced air traffic control systems and has an installed base encompassing 167 countries. Park Air Systems knows that consistently high quality products and services are vital for its customers’ safety-critical operations. PAS’ organization and methods are designed to achieve high quality results and are certified to the international quality standards ISO9001:2000 and TickIT. Park Air Systems combines the world leading communication, navigation, and surveillance technologies to provide integrated CNS solutions for airspace management. Across the world, aviation authorities have been benefitted by selecting an integrated CNS system from Park Air Systems, as the customer can achieve the following benefits of capability such as integrated system design, combined logistics ensuring lower capital and support costs, harmonized human to machine interface (HMI) operations, single point of contact, and assured long-term support. We are located in Bordon, Peterbrough, U.K. and N-0616, Oslo, Norway.

  • Air Traffic Control System
    - VHF/ UHF Transmitter, Receiver, Transceiver
    ‐ Civil T6 Radio series
    ‐ Military M7 Radio series