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Continental Electronics Corp.

World leader of Analog/Digital AM/FM
Transmitters and Antennas
Company info
Continental Electronics Corp.

Continental has been an exclusive leader in the fields of Analog/Digital AM/FM Transmitters and Antennas for the last 60 years. Continental Electronics is located in Dallas, Texas, and will continue its all efforts to cope with the future demand.

  • FM Transmitter
    - 802B : 50W FM Analog Exciter
    - 802D1 : "Bytecast"50W FM Digital Exciter
    - 814H-1 : 2.5KW Solid State FM Transmitter
  • SW Transmitter(Shortwave Tranmitter)
    - 418F : 100KW Shortwave AM Transmitter
    - 419G/420G : 300/500KW Shortwave Transmitter
  • AM Transmitter
    - 314D : 2.5KW Solid State AM Transmitter
    - 315D : 5KWSolid State AM Transmitter
    - 315G : 10KW Solid State AM Tranmitter