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ERA a.s.

Pioneer and leading supplier of
next generation Surveillance and Flight Tracking Solutions
Company info
ERA a.s.

ERA a.s., a member of OMNIPOL Group, equips military and civilian aviation industries with next-generation solutions that improve safety, enhance operations and increase tactical capabilities.

  • MSS
    - MSS by Era enhances aircraft tracking using multilateration (MLAT) and
      Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast(ADS-B)
  • Squid
    - Squid by Era improves airport safety by broadcasting the exact position of ground vehicles using an ADS-B transponder.
  • Vera
    - Vera by Era offers the next generation in Passive ESM Tracking (PET) technology.
    - by Era simplifies airport management by providing the world's most comprehensive, web-based
      application suite for all airport operations departments.