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L-3 Communications Telemetry & RF

World‐leading manufacturer of missile and
aircraft flight test instrumentation
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L-3 Communications Telemetry & RF

L-3 Communications Telemetry & RF is a world-leading manufacturer of missile and aircraft flight test instrumentation, including airborne and ground telemetry products. And our complete turnkey systems are unique in the industry. Our airborne telemetry and flight test products gather and process critical information aboard spacecraft, aircraft, missiles, guided weapons, targets, and UAVs. Constructed to function under the severe conditions of space and military applications, our equipment also records the data and transmits it to receiving stations and then processes and displays it for technicians on the ground.

  • AirDAS Airborne Data Acquisition System
  • AirStor™ Rugged Network Data Recorder
  • IntelliBus High-Speed Network Bus Data Acquisition Family
  • MicroDAS Modular Airborne Data Acquisition System
  • Defense Product
    - PCM600 Programmable Data Acquisition System
    - PCM300E Programmable Encoder Products
    - Avalon Processors for Telemetry and Avionics Processing
    - Vista550 for Telemetry and Avionics Processing
    - Visual Test System TM (VTS TM)
    - EMR 832 Input Signal Conditioning Clean Synchronous
      Serial Data and Clock Signals
    - MBS-740 PCM Bit Synchronizer
    - TCM-930 Portable, Tunable, High
    - Capacity Microwave Transceiver
  • NetDAS Data Acquisition System
  • RCB Series Receivers
  • 3362 Dual-channel Bit Synchronizer
  • ST-800 Series Wideband Telemetry Microwave Transmitter with Serial Load
  • Aerospace Product
    - MCU-110B Miniature COMSEC Unit
    - MCU-600 Modular COMSEC Unit
    - CDU-100 Command Decryption Unit
    - MDU-131 Miniature Decryption Unit
    - CXS-610 STDN.DSN S-Band TT&C Transponder
    - CXS-810C Secure SGLS S-Band TT&C Transponder
    - CXS-2000 Dual SGLS/USB Secure Transponder Program
    - MSX-765 SPSK S-Band TT&C Transceiver Program
    - CTX-886 X-Band QPSK 320 Mbps High Data Rate
    - MST-765 Miniature S-Band BPSK Transmitter